Rehearsing with Claudia Brücken band today. This tour’s going to be good…

Nice to see You May Not Mean To Hurt Me (But You Do) video has appeared on YouTube!

Sam Sallon’s video of Kathy’s Song released today!

Sam Sallon’s New video

Sam Sallon’s new video for Kathy’s Song coming soon.
I saw the final cut today, and it looks great!

Mark Abis Changing Inside Album Remastered

Mark Abis’ Changing Inside album has been given a full remastering and repackaging treatment by David Watson at the Monostery. A bonus track from the original album sessions has also been added. All in all, it’s a fabulous “new” album…

Today I shall mostly be…

recording backing vocals on the new OMD album
X David

Changing Inside CD remastered

is going to press…

Currently working on

New Revolutionary Science Council