Shemran Album

Iranian producer, composer and programmer Farhad Amirahmadi was born and raised in the north of Tehran in an area known as Shemran, and moved to London in his early teens. This eponymous debut album is an intensely personal record and we decided to use images of the house in Shemran where Farhad grew up. He had a few snapshots that had been taken by his friend Parisa Taghizadeh, so for the cover we chose an image of the front gate which had been left slightly ajar. It seemed to invite the listener into the private garden of a secret world. We cropped and manipulated the image, intensifying the colours to give the feeling of somewhere slightly magical and exciting.
The back cover leads you down a road beyond the gate which led to the main house.
We chose not to have any writing on the cover of this record so that you would have to open the cover to see what was inside, rather like going through the front gate in the photograph.

Shemran EP
The Shemran EP is a three-track taster for the album. For the sleeve we chose a 1960s black-and-white image of a statue by a pool in the gardens of Shemran.

       FRONT COVER                  BACK COVER                   INNER COVER           SHEMRAN EP SLEEVE