One For The Road

For this album’s packaging we went for a full gatefold sleeve which contains an inner sleeve and a foldout poster with lyrics on the back. It resembles a miniaturized LP record.
Originally, I had wanted to have a cover shot from within an old rural pub looking out through the window at a beautiful landscape with a road winding off into the distance. Sam’s idea was to recreate the painting Wanderer above the Sea of Fog by the German Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich. We decided to combine elements of these two ideas.
Photographer Jean-Philippe Defaut suggested Beachy Head near Eastbourne in East Sussex for the location. He shot the re-enactment of Friedrich’s painting, as well as various other images of Sam around the cliffs at Beachy Head. For the front cover we eventually chose a candid black-and-white shot of Sam glancing towards the camera whilst walking along a path behind the cliffs. The back cover shows the path behind him with the album’s track listing carefully placed so that it can be read without distracting from the image. The gatefold sleeve opens to reveal a stunning colour panoramic view over the landscape by the cliffs, which has the main road winding off into the distance, and Sam can just be seen walking along the road carrying his guitar case.
The insert poster shows Sam standing on the edge of a chalk cliff looking out to sea.

        FRONT COVER                BACK COVER                  INNER COVER                    INNER SLEEVE                     CD BODY                    INSERT POSTER