I That Am Lost

Indica Watson is a young actress who has already appeared in several television series including popular crime drama Sherlock, in which she played the young Eurus Holmes, the evil genius little sister of Sherlock. In the episode entitled The Final Problem the young Eurus burns down Musgrave Hall, her family home, after which she is incarcerated in state institutions for many years.
Indica had made some recordings of old English folk songs in the character of Eurus to be released as an EP to fans of the series. For the cover we chose a photograph of her looking at the camera outside Musgrave during a break on the set. The colour of the photograph was altered to make it look like it was taken in the early 1980s.
The back cover was old yellowing fire-singed paper with the song titles and credits. For the song titles we used the same font that appears in the title credits of Sherlock and picked out her name and the title song in red.
The CD body was printed as an old reel of tape with a “Eurus Holmes” label on it and some lyrics from one of the songs printed around the edge.